Uppercut bus driver reaction distance

Fast Uppercut bus driver reaction distance

2019-11-18 20:16

Oct 13, 2012 My reaction and thoughts on the Cleveland bus driver video.Bus Driver Suspended for Punching Female Passenger. A shocking video showing a Cleveland bus driver violently uppercutting a teen is racking up millions of views online. uppercut bus driver reaction distance

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio A former RTA bus driver was sentenced today to three days in jail and fined 1, 000 for punching a passenger on a bus last fall.

Oct 16, 2012 The driver was bein' a jerk back but. while we were drivin' down the highway, doin' say, 90kmh, the guy reaches his arm across the driver and starts choking him. The bus was driving in the centre lane (though a big thick cement barrier was in place) we swerved HARD right into it. uppercut bus driver reaction distance

The video in question features a bus driver dealing a Mortal Kombatstyled uppercut to a belligerent young woman who he had apparently had enough of. The video has amassed more than 3 million Shidea Lane, the 26yearold woman who was the recipient of a vicious uppercut during an argument on an Ohio public transit bus last year, was sentenced to three days in jail, The Plain Dealer Nov 24, 2012 The bus driver's statement to the police that she punched him, spat at him and started to CHOKE him is all he needs to establish selfdefense. The bus company cannot take away his right to self defense and by all credible acounts so far plus the video he has that in spades. uppercut bus driver reaction distance Dec 29, 2013 Watch video Originally published on October 12th, 2012. Just saw the latest video from FadedHolySoldier about a girl on a bus in Cleveland talking back to a bus driver and wanting to start a fight. I thought I'd do something different so you get to see my reaction to this while eating Doritos and then see me give my opinion on this whole thing.