Sysprep audit mode drivers

Fast Sysprep audit mode drivers

2019-11-19 01:34

Jul 24, 2013 In audit mode, settings in an unattended answer file in the auditSystem and auditUser configuration passes are processed. For more information about these configuration passes, see auditSystem andauditUser. If you are running in audit mode, to configure the installation to boot to Windows Welcome, run the sysprepoobe command.Sysprep (Generalize) a Windows installation. ; 4 minutes to read In this article. To deploy a Windows image to different PCs, you have to first generalize the image to remove computerspecific information such as installed drivers and the computer security identifier (SID). sysprep audit mode drivers

Run the Sysprep command with the audit option to configure the computer to start in audit mode the next time that it boots. For example: Sysprep audit reboot When Windows reboots in audit mode, device drivers that you specified in the answer file are added.

Nov 16, 2015 I have one universal image and inject the drivers of the specific model to c: \windows\inf and it detect the drives during sysprep which works without issues in windows 7. I am totally lost on how this process is done exactly in windows 10. sysprep audit mode drivers

Nov 22, 2014 4. 2) Audit Mode and Sysprep give us the opportunity to modify this default user profile. Everything (almost! ) done now will be saved to modified and customized default profile when we finally run the Sysprep later on in this tutorial. Audit Mode is a special way to boot directly to the desktop before you get to the Windows Welcome screen. This gives administrators or OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) the opportunity to install Windows Updates, drivers, and other software. Audit Mode is completed when SYSPREP is run again. sysprep audit mode drivers