Blues driver monte allums daddy

Fast Blues driver monte allums daddy

2019-11-17 21:24

Up for sale is a used, but not abused Boss BD2 Blues Driver. Normally these create a nice creamy sound of a tube amp all the way up to some nice warm overdrive. However, this one has the Monte Allums Mod installed so it sounds like a Marshall Plexi when the drive is cranked up.Straight from the factory the Boss Blues Driver tends to have a very harsh and buzz saw type gain. My BD2 Mod transforms this pedal into a truly great sounding pedal pushing it into Boutique territory. DaddyO TNT Mod: What's in the DaddyO TNT Mod Kit: MD2. mp3 Recoreded by Monte Allums directly through a modded MD2 into Cubase blues driver monte allums daddy

So i used to have a blues driver. I liked the feel of it and i liked the basic concept. It just sounded a bit fake when it was decaying and it had this thing in the treble that cut my ears.

Oct 24, 2014 In an attempt to correct a slight to Monte Allums, and rightly so, you kind of did the same thing to Keeley, whether intentional or not. As someone else stated, the mods from the various modders, whether it be Allums, Keeley, or Wampler, are more similar than they are different. blues driver monte allums daddy

Connect the Pots: Reader Pedalboards 2017. February 03, 2017. A A Andrew Phillips: Wailing in Wales so I bought mod kits from Monte Allums and they turned our greatwith thanks to some help from my dad, who is great with electronics. Xotic SP Compressor, Moen ULVB Jimi Zero Vibe, Boss Metal Zone (Monte Allums mod), Boss Blues Driver Aug 29, 2010 I've tried Boss Blues Drivers at GC and Elderly Instruments and read places that they give a nice warm tube overdrive, and I liked that. So I decided to shell out the dough and get a Keeley Mod version because I've never heard anyone ever say that the Keeley mod wasn't worth it. Monte, I recently picked up your Blues Driver H2O pedal, and it is phenomenal. The transparency of the pedal is amazing, and it has actually created a problem for me. I'm leaving the H2O on all the time and adjusting it from clean to a little gain with my guitar volume. blues driver monte allums daddy Jun 17, 2012 So, I have a Blues Driver hanging around that got the Monte Allums H20 mod treatment (stacked ICs, upgraded caps and diodes). It saw a good tour as an electric guitar OD, but came off the board years ago and never made it back on. Monte Allums put it best himself when he said that this pedal is a fizz factory . So there it was sitting in it's box& I heard about a mod for the pedal. I had nothing to lose, it wasn't being used& I wanted a functional overdrive so why not. Mar 09, 2014 Got the DaddyO TNT mod kit from MonteAllums. com and installed it, here's the results. Great sounding changes. Much better EQ profile, gain is much better, a Oct 03, 2018 Just bought a used stock Boss BD2 Blues Driver. The pedal itself is marginal at best IMHO with a few issues that I have heard can be solved with the right mods.