What is a dac report for cdl drivers

Fast What is a dac report for cdl drivers

2019-11-16 02:33

How can the answer be improved?Get Your Free DAC Report DAC Report As part of a prehiring procedure, nearly all large trucking companies will look at a truckers employment and driving record to see if there is any history of accidents, traffic violations, or other issues that might disqualify them from the job. what is a dac report for cdl drivers

Everything you need to know about the truck driver dac report. The Dac report is to the truck driver, as the credit report is to the consumer. The DAC report is similar in that when you apply for a job as a truck driver the first thing the prospective trucking company will check is your DAC.

The DAC report provides information on the period of service, equipment operated, loads hauled, driver status and experience, reason for leaving, rehire eligibility, number of accidents with accident detail, drug and alcohol histories including preemployment test results, and what is a dac report for cdl drivers

A DAC (Drive A Check) report is a report card for CDL drivers. DAC reports are managed by HireRight, a private worldwide company that began in 1981 as DAC services. Currently, more than 2, 500 trucking companies use HireRights services in the process of hiring commercial drivers. CDL drivers also may use this form to request a copy of your DAC reportfile. HireRight will also provide you a list of all HireRight customers who may have received your background report Consider DAC reports like a credit report for CDL drivers. Count on any potential employer to run your DAC report after you apply. DAC reports will contain your employment history, license verification and driving history, DOT physical results, and criminal background checks. what is a dac report for cdl drivers DAC: DriveACheck Report. A truck drivers DAC report will contain detailed information about their job history of the last 10 years as a CDL driver (as required by the DOT). It may also contain your criminal history, drug test results, DOT infractions and accident history. CDL drivers may request at any time a copy of your DAC report (if any) previously prepared by HireRight, andor your active database files (if any) maintained on you by