Cobra long tom driver shaft

Fast Cobra long tom driver shaft

2019-11-16 00:06

Read the latest reviews on the Cobra Long Tom Drivers and find out what the Today's Golfer experts and other Initially TGs gear team Jon and Dave C were sceptical about putting Long Tom in the test because the 48inch shaft is right on the legal limit and completely different to anything else on the market. The Cobra Long Tom Drivercobra stock& custom driver shafts cobra stock& custom iron shafts custo m opt io ns c u s t o m o p t i o n s flex availability weight cobra blackbird long tom a, r, s, x stock 50, 50, 50, 50 flex availability weight cobra motore f3 55 black a, r stock 55 cobra long tom driver shaft

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The stock shaft of the Cobra Long Tom is 48 inches long. This is the maximum length allowed by The R& A. At 4ft it is designed to help increase swing speed and improve distance as a result. cobra long tom driver shaft

Sep 16, 2011 The Cobra Long Tom driver goes to the limit of shaft length with a 48 inch or 4 foot long shaft that is only 50g. The Grafalloy Blackbird shaft combines with a short Winn Lite grip which not only makes the club long, but also very light indeed at only 269 grams. The longest driver Ive ever hit! Lets start with a little history behind the Long Tom name. Cobra called upon a WWII artillery cannon as its inspiration for a persimmon driver many years ago and again with its newest driver to the market. The Long Tom is one of the most unique clubs on the market and I was really excited to try it, simply because I cant remember ever hitting a 48 inch driver. Long drivers such as these have been seen before, mostly on long drive tours, where you see shafts up to 50 inches long. cobra long tom driver shaft