Farthest disc golf driver

Fast Farthest disc golf driver

2019-11-18 20:15

Ultradistance drivers are tricky. While they have the potential to provide the longest possible disc flights, if a player does not have good form and sufficient release velocity, they will actually produce flights that are disappointingly short.Innova Team Member David Wiggins Jr. smashes current world distance record with a throw of 338 meters (1108. 92 feet). He threw a white, 154 gram RPro Boss. Wind speed during the throw was 3842mph. More information to come. farthest disc golf driver

DGA Disc Golf Fairway and Distanc Drivers. DGA Disc Golf Drivers are designed for fast, longdistance flight. DGA driver offerings range from easy to control 150 class discs suitable for the recreational player just starting out, to highperformance advanced drivers used for professional tournament play.

In our ever obsessive search for the farthest flying disc golf disc, we buy disc after disc hoping that each will be longer than the last. farthest disc golf driver

World Record, Distance Record, Longest throw. Recent News; Related News; China Disc Golf Center Open A Flying Success. posted 1 day ago. An Unforgettable Experience. posted 4 days ago. Guiness Adds New World Record for Disc Golf. posted 3 years ago. Goodbye 2014. Hello 2015. posted 3 years ago. It's Official Lizotte's New World Records. This Disc Golf Set includes a Driver, Midrange and a Putter. The discs in each set are between 160g and 176g and come in assorted colors. Our current sets have the following discs in them: The 10 Best Overall Disc Golf Discs. Posted on January 5, 2018 November 4, Farthest Flying Disc for Beginners& Intermediates. Best Dics Golf Driver, Best Disc Golf Discs, Best Disc Golf Driver for Beginners, Best Disc Golf Putter, Best Fairway Driver, Best Midrange Disc, farthest disc golf driver This will be your Farthest Flying Golf Disc The revolutionary asymmetrical epicyclic design of the Epic driver makes it fly farther than any other golf disc you have ever thrown. You can easily tune this PDGAapproved disc to maximize distance and accuracy for your personal release velocity.