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Fast Rails 3 odbc driver

2019-11-13 21:05

In this example, I will use a rake task to pull data out of the ERP and then use Ruby on Rails to findupdate products in the ecommerce site. To start, first I create a file called getdatafromerp. rake in the libtasks folder.Custom Model no such file to load odbc Ask Question. up vote 1 down vote favorite. I'm trying to create a custom model to interface with a database that isn't supported navtively by Rails or through the OpenLink ODBC driver. For some reason, I'm getting the following error: no such file to load odbc. rails 3 odbc driver

Ruby ODBC Reference. Last update: Wed, 28 February 2018 ODBC. The module to encapsulate the Ruby ODBC binding. module functions: datasources This can be useful when the ODBC driver does not provide proper type information on SQLDescribeParam.

OpenLink ODBC Data Adapter for Ruby on Rails (C) 2008 OpenLink Software Status 23Apr2008 The adapter has been updated to support Rails ActiveRecord The new adapter (v2. 0) is not recommended for use with earlier releases of Rails or ActiveRecord. rails 3 odbc driver

With Simbas ODBC drivers, you can easily connect Ruby to many datasources, including: Salesforce, MongoDB, Spark, Presto and more! This post will use the Simba Salesforce driver as an example, but the process is almost the same for any of our other drivers. An ActiveRecord ODBC adapter. Master branch is working off of Rails. Previous work has been done to make it compatible with Rails 3. 2 and 4. 2; for those versions use the 3 Hey guys i am wondering how is it possible to either sync pervasive sql to another database or directly connect it to ruby on rails? My accounting system uses pervasive sql and at the moment i am trying to use an ODBC connection from the database to my ruby application. rails 3 odbc driver